The new coolest JavaScript calendar

Extensive API documentation is available at

To select a date range, click the start date, then SHIFT+click on the end date. You can also use CTRL+click to select/unselect individual dates.

You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through months. If the » or « or “Today” buttons are hovered, scroll through years.

Keyboard operations, when the calendar is focused (note you can focus it with TAB):

  • Arrows: highlight a date
  • ENTER: select highlighted date
  • CTRL-ENTER: toggle selection for highlighted date
  • SHIFT-ENTER: select range end
  • PAGE UP/DOWN, or CTRL-LEFT/RIGHT: select month
  • CTRL-UP/DOWN: select year
  • HOME: go Today
  • SPACE: display menu, focus the year entry
  • Type digit: display the menu, begin typing year
  • Type letter: toggle between months that start with that letter (according to selected language)
  • ESC: dismiss menu (if present). Otherwise, dismiss calendar popup if in popup mode